The importance of the primary educator cannot be underestimated.
We can all remember our first favorite teacher and how they made us feel. Continuity and stability is essential for children. Knowing that Teacher will be there when they come to class will make them feel safe, and allow them to focus on developing and absorbing. 

Teacher Belle is a classically trained singer, with a strong background in music theory, piano and guitar.
A performer with an adoring audience of two at home (Kaya-5, and Gaius-2.5), Belle is also a certified teacher, with a graduate degree in Neuroscience and a strong background in Developmental Psychology.
Interacting with children, incorporating movement, modeling facial expressions, and creating a story through music became a part of Belle’s every day routine after the birth of her first child. This is also what makes her classes unique, and keeps every child engaged.

She strongly feels that discovering the "adult modeling" approach to teaching music made her a better mother, and a stronger performer, allowing her to connect with children in a unique way.
From singing songs learned in class to making up chants about the Solar System or saying goodbye to the zoo - music is a part of how Belle teaches both Kaya and Gaius about the world. Exploring with music can make one brave and confident.

After developing her own unique, non pressuring approach to teaching both the kids and the adults who love them, Belle is excited to be offering an updated version of the tried and true golden standard in singing and movement classes.
Belle's classes are always fun. She can’t wait to bring music into your child’s heart.