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От улыбки станет всем светлей
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    Welcome to My World Music of San Francisco, an updated program, grounded in early childhood research.
All children are born musical! 
Music develoment encourages and enhances a child's language, congnitive, emotional, social and physical development. 
Our developmentally apropriate  music curriculum strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement, providing families with a unique bonding experience, and teaching you the skills you need to support your child's musical development at home.
Our passion is to bring the joy of music to your family through open expression, exploration, and play.
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Our Philosophy

This is a class for you and your child with interesting sounds and movements, instruments to play, other kids to interact with, silly things to do with an inviting teacher, and great music!
This program is based on the most recent and updated early childhood and development research and is designed to allow your child to flourish both musically and emotionally. We believe in fostering a connection between you and your child, and making every experience with the primary educator a positive one. As with all learning, the child's desire to continue to be musical depends largely on how it makes them feel.

Our Program

My World Music is a comprehensive 12 Semester music program for children and their grownups. Through a combination of the award winning model for music classes that focuses on immersion and adult modeling, with a constructivism approach to learning that has been shown to naturally foster confidense, creativity and independent thinking, we have created a new standard . Read more about My World Music program  here .

Come Play With Us

Come and see what makes My World Music different!
Sing, dance and connect with your child in our Free Demonstration Class.